What are the benefits of hiring a virtual law firm?

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In today’s day and age, you have more options to work with an attorney than just the traditional stuffy law firm environment.

Case in point? The virtual law firm.

what is a virtual law office

A virtual law firm has no brick and mortar location but instead attorneys work remotely to deliver services using teleconference and videoconference communication software and cloud-based operations. Virtual law firms are redefining the legal landscape, creating a win-win for attorneys and clients alike. 

This set-up results in:

Less overhead costs. 

Lean operations means more competitive fee structures with the same high quality legal service so that you don’t have to break the bank to cover your legal bases. 

Easier access to an attorney. 

This less traditional attorney’s office set-up provides more flexibility to communicate with you around your schedule which ultimately results in better legal service.

Increased confidence. 

The atmosphere is less stuffy, formal, and nerve-wracking. And you have confidence in knowing your matter has an attorney’s attention. 

Entrepreneurial agility. 

While traditional firms are slow to adapt, a virtual practice provides flexibility that allows us to be more agile to keep up with our clients’ needs.

virtual law firm

Nicole Cheri Oden Law is a virtual firm, offering trademark law and contract law services. If you are looking to hire a California attorney who can leverage technology while remaining attune to your needs, please schedule a consultation.

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