The Importance of Contracts for your Online Business

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Online businesses involve a unique blend of legal issues – advertising, affiliate marketing, sweepstakes and promotions, email marketing, intellectual property (copyright and trademark), data privacy and security – all blended with contracts and contract law.

Avoiding contracts like the plague is not a smart way to do business. But signing a jankity contract you find on the internet can be a BIG mistake.

You never know if you’re using the wrong contract.

If you’re leaving out important provisions.

If you’re signing something you don’t even understand.

If you’re opening yourself up to a copyright infringement claim.

If you’re not accounting for California law requirements.

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Having solid written contracts and policies in place for your online business is key to:

1. Mitigate your risk.

Contracts are a reflection of your negotiation with the other party. A well-drafted contract should protect both parties and serve as a reminder that the business transaction should be taken seriously.

2. Form the backbone of your relationship with clients and customers.

Your contract reflects the expectations of each party. It serves as the guidepost for each party’s actions and can encourage communication and collaboration when negotiated properly.

3. Protect your income.

Having your agreement in writing increases the odds of a successful working relationship because it provides protection if terms are not followed. And if an issue does arise, enforcement can be much easier.

Quite simply, working with an attorney to ensure you have solid contracts and policies in place for your online business now can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

That’s where Nicole Cheri Oden Law comes in. The virtual firm is uniquely situated to provide solid legal advice as both an attorney and entrepreneur to ensure that you’re protecting your online business by offering:

Contract Drafting – having a contract or policy drafted for your particular situation takes out the uncertainty.

Contract Review – it’s important that you review any contract prior to signing it to ensure you have a solid understanding of its terms and that it meets both parties’ intentions. Reviewing the contract with an attorney who can provide you with an explanation of any complex terms and may allow you to negotiate better terms.

Legal Strategy Sessions – an intensive meeting to discuss the specifics of your business, the contracts and policies you currently have in place, and the contracts and policies you should consider getting in place.

Book a consultation with Nicole Cheri Oden Law here.

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